CrossChem Group produces certified AdBlue® using best technologies and equipment from 2009. CrossChem Group have proven it self as a world-class ISO standard product producer which corresponds to the highest standards of quality by covering world market demand.

Adblue customers

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What is AdBlue®?

It is an urea solution in water. It is neither toxic, nor harmful to people or the environment. Its freezing temperature is -11°C. The product must correspond to the standard ISO 22241-1/-2/-3 and its trade requires VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie) license. The use of AdBlue® brand name without the proper license is a criminal offence.

Where to use AdBlue®?

It is meant for vehicles equipped with SCR systems. The product must be filled in a special AdBlue® container, separated from the fuel system. The container is usually made from plastic or stainless steel.

What is SCR system?

It is a system for the neutralisation of harmful NOX emissions built into the exhaust gas system and consisting of a control unit, a catalyst, an injection nozzle, a pump and other components added by the manufacturer at its own discretion.


The operation of SCR without AdBlue® will lead to the damage of SCR system, high cost repairs and changes of spare parts. To avoid damages of SCR system we recommend to buy product only from the licensed and certified AdBlue® VDA manufacturer.

Accessible packages

Cans 10L/20L. Cans can be equipped with spouts for easy filling.
Casks 210L.
IBC 650L/1000L

To have more information on our products and prices please contact us.

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